Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Tuesday in Las Vegas, NV

We got in the car and drove back to the other side of Zion National Park. This time the weather was better for pictures. We hitched up and drove to the northern entrance to the park and took more pictures. Then we stopped off at a Nissan dealer in St. George, Utah to have the Pathfinder's oil changed. We pulled into the Hitchin' Post RV Park in Las Vegas late in the afternoon. We went to a nearby brewpub (Big Dog's Brewing) to sample their beers (much better than the beer in Utah since it is full strength). Then we drove downtown to the strip and walked around. We checked out the beers at Ellis Island (cheap - $1.00) and Gordon Biersch. I put a dollar bill in a slot machine and after a couple of spins I won $12.40 and cashed out. This town is gigantic. The blocks must be a half mile long, and the streets are as wide as freeways. They are still building casinos, each one trying to outdo the others.


Maria Granell said...

Carolyn, Sorry I missed your call on Tuesday. I was at school studying for a test on Weds...I see that you won $12.40. I'm glad that you didn't win any more $$ b/c I don't want you to buy an island and leave me here!!! ;o)~ haha Take care!

jimbev said...

Hello, this is Jim Kronjaeger...

Following your blog with much interest. I just love the southwest deserts and Utah.

Also curious about your Casita trailer. I've had my eye on one for a while. What size is yours and how do you like it?

We'll keep in touch.