Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday in Houston

We left Bandera and drove straight to Houston. WE'RE HOME! The house and garage are full of stuff we unloaded from the Casita and the Pathfinder. We didn't use half of the stuff we took -- next trip we'll pack lighter. The Casita is happily back in it's nook and the Pathfinder is glad to be empty again.


Saturday in Bandera, TX

There were seminars on cabinet veneer laminating, internet access on the road, and Habitat for Humanity. There was a barbeque cookout and music and entertainment. We went down to the Medina River again and took a dip in the cold, clear water. Carolyn finally finished the embroidery squares for her quilt that she had been sewing the whole trip.

Friday in Bandera, TX

There were outdoor games, including “bolo golf”. In the afternoon there was a “poker run” involving driving a route and collecting playing cards along the way to see who gets the best hand. We opted out because we didn’t feel like driving 110 more miles after our trip to the west coast. So we walked down to the Medina River and took some wildflower pictures. That night there was a wine tasting gathering and line dancing classes. We wandered around a lot talking with people about their Casitas. I modified our water line with quick disconnects and stopped a couple of leaks with rubber washers and pipe dope.

Thursday in Bandera, TX

There was an “egg parade” where everybody at the Casita rally shows off the modifications they have made to their trailers. Some people have been very industrious and imaginative improving and changing features of their trailers. That night there was a potluck dinner.

Wednesday in Bandera, TX

We left the trailer park in Van Horn (which was next to a pasture of longhorns) and drove all day Wednesday. We arrived at the Skyline Ranch RV Park in Bandera, TX for the Texas Bluebonnet Casita Rally. There were about 140 Casita and other molded fiberglass trailers there. We unloaded and got set up, then went to the 11th Street Cowboy Bar where they had a “bring your own steak to barbeque with free side dishes dinner”, complete with a country band. The bar does this every Wednesday and it draws quite a crowd. Then we went to another beer joint owned by Brian Black, brother of Clint Black. Another Black brother, Kevin, was singing on the stage.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday in Van Horn, TX

Finally, back in TEXAS!!! We left Tucson and drove through Saguaro National Park East. Saguaro cacti are the world's tallest and they have arms that point up. These are the famous cacti associated with the west. We arrived at the rv park at 11:10 p.m.. I cooked dinner and we updated the blog. It is now 12:15. Pictures of the last 3 days will be added after we get to Bandera tomorrow for the Bluebonnet Casita Rally. GOOD NIGHT!!!!!!

Monday in Tuscson, AZ

We drove through Joshua Tree National Park and it was gorgeous! The cacti were all in bloom. Joshua trees are tree like yucca plants. Then we drove to Tucson and spent the night. We went to 2 brew pubs and had dinner at Pei Wei near the University of Arizona.

Sunday in Joshua Tree Natl. Park, CA

We stocked up on groceries and left Buellton and drove to the north entance of Joshua Tree National Park. On the way we drove through a big wind farm. We arrived at the Blackrock campground shortly before sunset. It was very windy and there were very few campers there. We took some picutres before cooking dinner and reading by hat light. There were no hookups.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday in Buellton, CA

We went with Steve, Kim, Dave and Lorna to several wineries in the Solvang and Los Olivos area for tastings. We wandered around Solvang, a quaint scandinavian-themed town full of tourist shops. We all had dinner at the Hitching Post restaurant in Buellton. This restaurant and several of the wineries we visited were featured in the movie "Sideways".

Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday in Buellton, CA

We left Oxnard and drove to Flying Flags RV Park. On the way we had to go back through Santa Barbara so we stopped at the other brew pub for Jim to try beers. We stopped a few blocks away at Santa Barbara Winery and had a tasting there also. Just as we were hooking up the Casita in Buellton, Kim called and they had just arrived and were on their way to Solvang where their hotel was. They stopped by the rv park to see us a few minutes. They went to check in and Jim and I met them at their room and we all ( Kim, Steve, Lorna, David, Jim and I) went to Los Olivos for a couple of winery tastings. We left and went back to Santa Barbara through the mountain pass (again, this was our 3rd time) and had dinner at a restaurant that we were very underdressed for. Then everyone went to Santa Barbara Brewing for beer.

Thursday in Oxnard, CA

We left for HOLLYWOOD. We went to Graumann's Chinese Theatre and looked at the foot and hand prints of stars. I stood in John Wayne's boot prints. My (Carolyn) foot is bigger than his was. We walked the Walk of Fame and looked at the stars embedded in the sidewalk. Jim took a picture of me on Elvis' star. We went to the old Max Factor makeup studio which has been converted into the Hollywood History Museum. They had lots of costumes and parts of movie sets. They didn't allow pictures since the items were originals. We drove on Wilshire Blvd. through part of Beverly Hills. I couldn't get Jim to stop and buy something for me on Rodeo Drive!! We stopped by the Lea Brea Tar Pits and boy did it smell. We drove to the coast at Santa Monica and drove more of Hwy 1 through Malibu on the way back to Oxnard. We visited BJ's brewpub in Oxnard for Jim.

Wednesday in Oxnard, CA

We left for Oxnard (between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles) via Hwy 1 along the coast past Big Sur. We stopped several time to take pictures of the beautiful scenery. We made a stop at the Hearst Castle and attended Tour 1. They have 4 different tours. #1 is the one they recommend for 1st time visitors. It includes the outside pool, 1 guest house, the bottom floor of the main house and the underground swimming pool. We stopped in Santa Barbara to let Jim try beers at Santa Barbara Brewing then we drove to our very crowed rv space in Oxnard.