Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Monday in Springdale, UT

We packed up and left Bryce Canyon bound for Zion National Park. We drove through Red Canyon which has some beautiful red rock formations. When we arrived at Zion National Park the place was packed with people. It was spring break (so there were lots of families with kids). The campground did not open until the next day so we stayed at Zion Canyon Campground RV Resort in Springdale, right outside the park boundary. A resort it wasn’t – dirty, cramped, overpopulated, and generally grungy. We got on the shuttle bus which is the only way to see the canyon. The weather was mostly overcast so we did’t get many good pictures. Then we returned to Springdale and had a couple of draft beers made at the local brewery, Zion Canyon Brewery. Carolyn cooked green chile chicken enchiladas for dinner.

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