Friday, April 20, 2007

Thursday in Oxnard, CA

We left for HOLLYWOOD. We went to Graumann's Chinese Theatre and looked at the foot and hand prints of stars. I stood in John Wayne's boot prints. My (Carolyn) foot is bigger than his was. We walked the Walk of Fame and looked at the stars embedded in the sidewalk. Jim took a picture of me on Elvis' star. We went to the old Max Factor makeup studio which has been converted into the Hollywood History Museum. They had lots of costumes and parts of movie sets. They didn't allow pictures since the items were originals. We drove on Wilshire Blvd. through part of Beverly Hills. I couldn't get Jim to stop and buy something for me on Rodeo Drive!! We stopped by the Lea Brea Tar Pits and boy did it smell. We drove to the coast at Santa Monica and drove more of Hwy 1 through Malibu on the way back to Oxnard. We visited BJ's brewpub in Oxnard for Jim.

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