Monday, April 9, 2007

Monday in Greeley Hill, CA

We called Yosemite National Park to see if any camping spaces were available. None were, so we drove to the Yosemite Westlake Campground and RV Park in Greeley Hill, CA. We almost ran out of gasthe famous Iron Door Saloon on the incredibly steep hilly road. The campground is pretty and remote, but again the bathrooms are old and dirty. This must be typical of the campgrounds in the half price Passport America Catalog. We arrived in the afternoon and elected not to drive into Yosemite National Park until Tuesday morning. Instead we chilled out, updated the blog, drove to nearby Groveland to have a beer and upload the blog on an open WiFi hotspot after having a few beers at the local bar(the Iron Door Saloon which has been in continuous operation since 1852), and Carolyn cooked garlic scallops over pasta for dinner.

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